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At first the video is foggy and troublesome to form out. A bunch of men standing around a python begin slicing its belly down the center. It shortly becomes apparent that one thing of note is within the enormous snake, however it is not straightaway clear what has drawn such a lot attention.

Then you see it: a complete mature Woman, engulfed whole, lies dead within the python.

According to native news reports, the body found within the 23-foot-long snake clad to be 25-year-old Lady, a harvester World Health Organisation worked on a vegetable oil plantation on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. She was said to be missing on March twenty six.

Local media conjointly report that the snake concerned could be a python. These snakes area unit among a number of the biggest within the world, growing over twenty feet long and consideration over 100 pounds.

Similar to Burmese pythons, these large snakes kill their prey before overwhelming it, creating it unlucky she was eaten up alive.

2015 study found that, contrary to standard belief, pythons and different constricting snakes like boas and anacondas do not suffocate their victims and instead kill by pruning their blood flow, a technique that ends life rather more quickly.

Scott Boback, a vertebrate life scientist at Emily Dickinson school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, spoke to National Geographic in 2015 concerning however this kind of attack kills its victims.

“The heart virtually does not have enough strength to push against the pressure,” he said. once well dead, a python’s powerful squeeze might finish blood flow to the center at intervals seconds.

Once its prey has been captured, pythons have with success eaten up some astonishingly massive animals, such as crocodiles, hyenas, and even other snakes. They typically size up their prey before consuming it, but they have been known to miscalculate. In 2005, a python in Florida tried to consume an entire alligator, which resulted in it bursting.

Reports of them eating humans, though, have been exceedingly rare.

In this case, the man’s shoulders would have given the sole major obstacle for the python to swallow its victim whole, Mary-Ruth Low, Singapore Zoo’s analysis officer and python skilled, told the BBC.

“The proscribing issue is human shoulder blades, as a result of they’re not telescopic,” she said.

Rahmansyah, a tutor at Hasanuddin University in Makassar, believes deforestation caused by the vegetable oil business could also be guilty for this snake’s uncommon behavior.

“Because the environs is destroyed, the snake’s natural food sources also are affected. Thus, the snake went to the vegetable oil plantation to hunt prey,” he told the capital of Indonesia Post.

Palm oil is harvested for its use in several common home goods, from soda to soap, and therefore the business has resulted in loss of environs for animals like orangutans and Sumatran tigers.