A 100-Year-Old Man Committed An Unthinkable Crime Act With A Gut-Wrenching Outcome

A 100-year-old man became one of the oldest people ever accused of homicide when he killed his 88-year old wife in her sleep with an axe earlier this week. Soon afterwards, he ended his own life by stabbing himself with a knife. An axe is a mighty hefty weapon for an elderly man to wield, but considering Michael Juskin”s history of domestic violence and the fact that he was suffering from dementia, it kind of makes sense.



The Murder Happened At The Juskins” Home In Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Which He Shared With His Wife, Rosalia. Their Bodies Were Found By A Relative Early On April 5th, But Police Say The Deaths Occurred The Night Before.

Neighbors Of The Juskins Say That The Couple Mostly Kept To Themselves. They Seemed Quiet. Rosalia Tended To Her Garden In The Afternoon While Michael Walked The Dog. But When They Went Inside, Loud Shouting Could Often Be Heard Through The Door.

Given His Age, It”S Not Totally Bizarre That Michael Juskin Showed Symptoms Of Dementia, Which Greatly Affects Brain Function.

On the left is a normal brain, and on the right is a brain with dementia.

Police Say They Had Been To The Juskin Home A Few Times Previously For Domestic Reasons. One Neighbor Was Absolutely Shocked That This Sort Of Thing Could Happen In Her Neighborhood, Telling Northjersey.Com, “This Is Just Too Close To Home.”

Although Michael Juskin might be one of the oldest people ever to be accused of murder, he is not the oldest person ever to kill. Last year, in fact, a 102-year-old woman was found unfit to stand trial when she killed her nursing home roommate by strangulation. The oldest person to be arrested for murder is Amanda Rice Stevenson, a 96 year old living in Florida (come on, Florida), who shot and killed her 53-year-old nephew in 2011.

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